F1 2016 Has “Must-Haves” and Other “Exciting New Features”

Okay so information is pretty scarce when it comes to F1 2016, but rest assured, Codemasters is really picking up the pace with it.

A new blogpost on their official website has teased what is in store for you.

The first thing that you are going to be excited about is that the developers are “working on some new and exciting features, including a couple of must-haves which we know are important to you.”

In the same blogpost, the developers also went on to give a rough idea as to what you can expect from the near future. First off, before the new year gets old, they will be doing some testing – it appears to be an internal alpha test of sorts.

Also, they will probably hook you up on some events and present F1 2016 alongside the developers to you:

We’re looking to perhaps run some internal game testing early in the New Year, get you to meet some of the team, discuss various aspects of game development and get your hands on the latest code for some early impressions & feedback.

The only downside is that they have not yet shared the exact dates for this. We have no idea when the testing will go live or for how long it will last.

Check back with us later for more on F1 2016.