Destiny’s Red Bull Quest Extends to Italy

Destiny players in countries like North America and UK already have access to the Red Bull Quest, and it looks like more countries will be getting access too. Today it was revealed that Italy would have access to the special offer too.

Italian game site revealed today that Activision and Bungie have extended the deal to Italy, and also revealed the official website. All that players have to do to take part is to buy a Red Bull, provide proof of the purchase on the site and then they will be given access to the epic quest and bonus XP. Rules for the epic quest were revealed in the small print:

“The mission will be exclusive preview for the rewards “RED BULL QUEST” from 09/18/2015 to 31/12/2015. XP bonus code must be redeemed no later than 07/31/2016. “Destiny” is required to redeem the bonus code XP. “Destiny” and “Destiny: the King of Corruption” needed to access the mission are sold separately. After the release of the mission, logging in with the same account, the following codes will be entitled to a bonus XP.”

The idea of giving boosts and extra XP is not a new one and gamers will know the same has been done in games like Call of Duty. In Destiny the bonus XP is given through the use of “Focused Light” which is a consumable Bonus XP buff which increases all XP gained by 50% for 30 minutes. Multiple codes can be used, but not at the same time.

Have you been using this Red Bull offer? What are your thoughts on promotions like this? Let us know your thoughts below.