CI Games’ Robert Stephens Recreates Fallout Vault In Cryengine

Ever wondered why Star Citizen is taking ages to release? Well it seems that one of the developers, Senior Environment Artist at Cloud Imperium Games, Robert Stephens has been busy working on another side project of his, built on the CRYENGINE.

Just kidding, the long development time for the space game has nothing to do with this although the part about the side project is true and Robert has been working on a Fallout project, which is complete now, by himself for some time.

According to Robert, he was looking to create an interior design that not only looked well used and worn but also functional so that one day when it came to animating the assets, it would be believable.

“One of the biggest challenges with this project was to put my own spin on the design of the interior while still maintaining the iconic fallout style, this was important to me as I didn’t just want to recreate the vault entrance exactly as seen in the games.” Robert said along with the release of several screenshots, rendered using CRYENGINE, from the project.

All the images, final release and development phase ones, from the project can be seen here.

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