Blizzard to Compensate World of Warcraft Players Who Bought Level 90 Character Boosts

If you purchased a Level 90 Character Boost from Blizzard for World Of Warcraft before Blizzcon 2015 you’ll no doubt have been put out when they announced the Level 100 Boost. Well don’t worry, Blizzard have been listening, and have announced compensation for anybody caught out by this.

They announced via the blog that for anybody who purchased a Level 90 Character Boost between 00:00PST October 30 and 11:30PST November 6 will receive a Level 100 Character Boost:

“We recently announced a Level 100 Character Boost for World of Warcraft, which replaces the Level 90 Character Boost. Players who purchased a Character Boost between 00:00PST October 30th and 11:30PST November 6th will receive a Level 100 Character Boost token.

We will grant these tokens directly, so you won’t need to contact Customer Support to receive your new boost. The Level 100 Character Boost Tokens will be made available by 11/13/15.

Note: This applies to players who purchased the Character Boost service from our In-Game Shop, not to the free boost included with Warlords of Draenor.”

The changes between the boosts were added in connection to the build up to Legion. To prepare players for the next add-on the ability to boost their characters up to Level 100 will obviously strengthen them up ready for the battle.

While this won’t please everybody, especially those who miss the cut off dates for the compensation it is still the right move for people caught out by this change.

Were you caught out by the changes in Level Boosts? Let us know your thoughts on the situation and on Legion below.