Are These Hints to Missing Story Sequences in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain?

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is one of the best games of 2015, but also one of the most controversial. With its ending which feels unfinished, it comes as no surprise that there are conspiracy level theories about the missing missions for the game.

One example of this is on Reddit are coming up with theories about lost sequences from the game based on datamined information from the game files. As the details obviously will include spoilers, and provide links to other spoilers for the game obviously be aware that if you’ve not already completed the game it will provide details you may not be aware of.

On Reddit, the post that is causing interest is:

“After hearing that you can get Quiet back, I went back to see the post where GoodKray listed the events:


“D_DOG_COME_TO_GET” = when you find DD as a puppy early on

“D_DOG_GO_WITH_ME” = when DD can be used as a Buddy

“QUIET_WITH_GO_MISSION” = when Quiet can be used as a Buddy

“QUIET_VISIT_MISSION” = when you visit Quiet in the Side Mission

“DECISION_HUEY” = when we save Huey in Mission 12 ???

“THE_GREAT_ESCAPE_LIQUID” = when Eli escapes with Sahelanthropus from MotherBase

“FAILED_RETAKE_THE_PLATFORM” = when we fail Mission 22 at least one time ???

“CAN_REUNION_QUIET” = when we replay Mission 11 for 7 times in a row, after losing Quiet

“RADIATION_LEAK_MATHER_BASE” = when Huey messed up and the child soldier loses his necklace under the main platform of the MotherBase ???

“MOVE_SAHELANTHROPUS” = when you get Sahelanthropus in your MotherBase after finishing Mission 31

“BATTLEGEAR_HANGER_LEVELUP” = when Huey builds the BattleGear and you can use it for Combat Deployment Missions



Now we all know for sure that those events can happen in the game so if we get all of them we should unlock the last event called “STORY_SEQUENCE”.

What events do we still miss from this list?

  • we can see that there are 2 events involving Liquid’s escape “THE_GREAT_ESCAPE_LIQUID” and “AFTER_THE_GREAT_ESCAPE_LIQUID”. The first one should be when Eli escapes with Sahelanthropus, but what about the second event? How do we trigger it?

The rest of them should be already triggered through normal gameplay, unless we misinterpreted a few of them. I also marked the events where I am not 100% sure if those are the triggers with ???, so please correct me if I am wrong. What do you guys think of this?”

As you can see user sevenzuluhotel has provided his thoughts on what these events on the list mean and how they are related to Quiet, if you manage to get her back as a companion on your missions.

These details have caused plenty of conversation on the Reddit page, especially about what the events pertain to. Some even correct the original poster where the event has already shown up in the game.

While it seems a little bit extreme to go into this much detail based on data mined code, it still proves what an impressive game The Phantom Pain is and how important it is to players. Whether we’ll ever know the answer to what these missing missions were or if they were even meant to be in the game will probably become stuff of gaming legend.

What are your thoughts on fans datamining information from games like Metal Gear Solid 5 to find hidden secrets and forgotten story elements? Let us know your opinion on the matter below.