WWE 2K16 Patch 1.02 Available Now

A new update for WWE 2K16 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One and from the looks of things, this patch 1.02 is a pretty significant one and weighs in at more than 1GB for both platforms.

The patch addresses various gameplay, online and offline, issues as well as visual glitches, Creation menu issues and some bug fixes to make the game a better experience for fans.

AI behavior has also been revamped a bit for a smoother tag team experience. AI controlled wrestlers should be able to now climb to the second rope and perform double team tags much faster during tag matches.

The online component has also received many fixes, especially when it comes to match making and transitioning from one match to another.

Players should no longer disconnect in these situations nor will they experience a prolonged hang when searching for a 2K Tonight match. Crowd reaction has also been fixed and frame rate stutter improved.

The update also adds support for future DLCs, namely the New Moves Pack, ahead of the release and the stability issue plaguing Arnold’s T1 entrance has also been fixed.

Full patch notes can be seen here on the official WWE 2K16 forums.