Star Wars Battlefront Weapons, Traits, and Star Cards Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront is released next week, and while everybody is playing Fallout 4 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 EA don’t want you to forget about their game. This is probably why they’ve revealed all of the Blasters, Traits, Star Cards, and Power Ups for the game.

These items, as well as the progress you’ve made with these weapons can be viewed by logging into the Star Wars Battlefront website and then viewing your progress in the game. As you can see from these images revealed on Eurogamer there are plenty of things to collect and unlock as you play.

As you’ll see the maximum rank you can get in the game is 50, though the best weapons will be released far before you reach that level. The final blaster released appears to be the DL-44. There are plenty of weapons to look over though to find out which do the best damage, and what they lack.

Looking at some of the other items, the vehicles are of interest especially as it shows the Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, and Speeder Bike. We can also see the confirmed Heroes, and when we finally get to play the game it’ll be interesting to finally get to play Princess Leia, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Emperor Palpatine. In the beta we already got a chance to play as Luke Skywalker and Dark Vader and feel the difference they can make in the battles.

Take a look at the images, and be sure to log into the Star Wars site to see them all ready to be unlocked once you start to play. Everything looks ready and waiting now for us to finally enter the battle.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront finally being released? What do you think of all the unlockables and weaponry now that they have been revealed? Let us know below.