Star Wars Battlefront Download Size Revealed For All Platforms

The previously rumored download size of EA’s upcoming shooter, Star Wars Battlefront seems to be true now after an official confirmation of the game’s download size for all platforms via the official Twitter page.

In a response to a question, the EAStarWars twitter confirmed that the game would weigh in at 19GB on Xbox One, 23GB on PS4 and 27GB on Origin for PC users.

There is still no information about the physical retail copy of the PC version as to how many discs it will be on and how much data will users have to download after installing from disc.

Since the game is just a week away, the pre load for each platform should be starting in a few days so that eager fans can download and be ready to play the moment game goes live.

Star Wars Battlefront releases in North America on 17th November and on 19th in Europe for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Unlike previous Battlefront titles, this won’t feature a story mode. Those who pre order the game will be getting one-week early access to free map, Battle of Jakku which serves as a bridge between the game and upcoming movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.