Star Wars Battlefront Companion App Lets You Earn Credits To Use In The Main Game

EA launched a companion app today for their upcoming shooter, Star Wars Battlefront it is quite a unique companion app especially for highly eager fans who will be jumping into the game the moment it launches and would like to have awesome weapons from early on.

The companion app has a minigame called Base Command that lets players earn credits which will be linked to their credit wallet in the main game, this way fans can already have a sizable amount of money available to unlock stuff when the game launches.

Base Command is a fairly advanced and actually quite fun board/card game hybrid that lets you customize your deck, unlock new cards, and use them to defend your base from an Imperial assault.

Completing missions grants players credits depending on their performance. The more stars they achieve, up to a maximum of 3, the higher will be the payout for each missions.

However, the companion app isn’t just a placeholder until the game is released, once the game is out, achievements that players earn will reward them cards in the companion app which can then be used in further missions.

The app is available on iOS and Android and seems like a good place to spend time and keep Star Wars excitement in check until the actual game launches on November 17th of North America and 19th for Europe.