Writer Says He Would Work on Life is Strange 2 IF They Were Making it

Dotnot Entertainment and Square Enix really managed to stir the attention of everyone with the riveting experience that Life is Strange had to offer. However, the episodic releases of the title have now come to an end, and everyone is talking about a possible Life is Strange 2 release.

While there would hardly be a person who doesn’t want the developers to continue telling the story the way they have so far, some of the more important people with connection to the game are saying that it is not confirmed.

For instance, the writer of the original release, Alain Damasio, has suggested that Life is Strange 2 is not confirmed, yet.

Damasio was recently interviewed by a French website where the future prospects of the title were discussed including the idea of turning it into a full-on series through the release of a sequel.

However, the writer said that he would contribute to it if there was such a project in the making.

This suggests that so far, Square Enix and Dotnot Entertainment are either keeping things very tight under the wraps, or they are in such an early stage that the writer himself doesn’t know, or maybe there are no plans for the game yet.

Either way, it would be a great idea if Life is Strange 2 actually comes out.