World Of Warcraft Legion New Details And Gameplay Changes

Now that BlizzCon 2015 has started, Blizzard started to finally reveal some much needed information about World of Warcraft Legion.

Most of this information was released during the Main Stage event at BlizzCon and sheds some light on the upcoming gameplay features such as Artifacts, locations, new Demon Hunter class and other gameplay changes.

Artifacts are extremely powerful weapons that not only look great but also increase in their power as players progress through the game. Each class will have a variety of artifact weapons to choose from and they will be specific to that very class.

While in use, Artifacts will accumulate Artifact Power, a resource that can be used to unlock Artifact Traits that will be available as a separate tree for all Artifacts. Each trait will also have multiple ranks to improve their effect.

A new item called Relic will also have an impact on Artifacts and can be slotted into various Artifacts to not only increase their item level but also give bonus ranks for various traits.

Similar to the Moonglade for Druids, each class will also have their own special place called Class Halls. Druids will also be getting their own Class Hall by the name of Dreamgrove.

Class Halls will serve as hubs to empower, change appearance or unlock new traits for Artifacts as well as interact with famous NPCs in the WoW lore who serve as champions to specific classes.

Professions and crafting are also getting a pretty major overhaul in Legion. Not only have the recipes been altered but new methods of acquisition will also be introduced alongside a new crafting material, Obliterum, that can be used to enhance items.

Crafted gear in Legion will be different from previous expansions as now players will have an incentive to use that gear instead of selling it due to the fact that it will have special on-use or on-equip bonuses that won’t be available from dropped loot.

Demon Hunters, the new upcoming class, will not only offer unique character creation choices but also have some class specific emotes. They rely on Fury resource to do damage while maintaining mobility.

Gameplay as demon hunters will also be very different from other classes since they can glide using just the jump key and have a Spectral Sight skill that allows them to see through walls and other solid objects.

You can read more about the upcoming changes, to what seems as the most exciting expansion of World of Warcraft in recent history, over here.