Warcraft 4 and StarCraft 3 Depend on Community Feedback: Blizzard

Blizzard just gave us Legacy of the Void and are working on Nova Covert Ops. They also have Hearthstone, Diablo etc on offer for fans.

Another one of its popular titles include Warcraft, an RTS game loved by millions of fans. However, fans have been wanting to see Warcraft 4 for quite some time but Blizzard hasn’t been too keep on announcing it.

Same is the case with StarCraft 3.

Speaking about their episodic approach to Legacy of the Void – Nova Covert Ops, Blizzard’s lead developer Tim Morten revealed that, for now, they are fully focused to the content they announced (Nova Covert Ops) and developers haven’t been able to make a decision. However, StarCraft 3, Warcraft 4 or any other RTS game depends on what fans want to see.

May be Blizzard hasn’t been paying attention because fans DO want to see these games and have been vocal about it too. Anyways, Tim Morton said:

I can tell you that, today, our focus is 100% on this content that we’ve announced here at the show. What the future holds really depends so much on what we hear back from players. We love RTS, we love this genre. The StarCraft universe is fantastic; the Warcraft universe clearly has more stories that can be told. There are new Blizzard IPs; there’s the potential to make completely new stories altogether. We want to hear back from our players what they would be excited about, but as a team, we’ve just been so busy finishing Legacy of the Void and teeing up this new content that we haven’t had a chance to make any decisions.

Would you like to see StarCraft 3 and Warcraft 4? Or do you think a new RTS should go into development.