The Game Awards 2015 Date Confirmed

As we reach the end of the year it will soon be time for The Game Awards. Today we have the date that they will take place, as well as some other details about the show.

Confirmed on the New York Times the show will take place December 3, a the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. Though the report describes the awards as the Oscars of the video games world, I’m not sure they have reached those heights just yet.

One thing that is interesting to read though is just how much Geoff Keighley put into the show, including using over $1 million of his own savings to help finance the whole show. He also notes the importance of The Game Awards now being online, and the changing way people are getting their content nowadays:

“They’re consuming all this content digitally anyway,” said Mr. Keighley. “A lot of traditional media companies are struggling to understand how to play in this audience.”

Interestingly about the “commercial” side of the awards, he had this to say:

“Some people say that makes the show too commercial and it should be purely about awards,” Mr. Keighley said. “I’ve found that, for this audience, you need to blend the two.”

Which in some ways is true, as the show is used to publicise some of the year’s biggest games, as well as ones that are heading to release in 2016. Whether we need any Doritos or Mountain Dew advertisements (or other similar promotions) is a different matter.

While the report in the New York Times is more focused on Keighley himself and the changing world of media it still makes for an interesting read on how The Game Awards came to be.

What are your thoughts on The Game Awards and how they have adapted over the years? Let us know your opinion on them below.