Target’s Black Friday Deals Leak Online

As well as the Gamespot Black Friday leaks we’ve already reported on, there are other retailer deals that are making their way online. Target area also a company that have some interesting deals if you are looking for games this year.

While they may not be as impressive as the Gamespot deals, Target’s have been revealed on NeoGaf and have a Wii U deal which takes off $50 from the retail price, as well as a similar one for the new 3DS XL (with $20 off). Highlights in the game deals have to be Mario Kart 7 with a $15 saving, Guitar Hero Live (including guitar) which has a $40.99 saving and Rock Band 4 with $50.99. The ads for these deals can be seen below.

While there are no PlayStation 4 or Xbox One bundle deals there are plenty of savings on games, so with the Target sales, this may be your chance to stock up on games. If you are looking for some current generation console bundle deals though then it may be best to look at other stores. It may be fair to say though that Target could be saving those deals for closer to the time.

From the Target deals, my choice would probably be the savings from Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4. The best deal may be Guitar Hero though at $59 while Rock Band is still pricey at $199. This will depend of course on your personal choice between the two.

From the Target Black Friday Deals, what interests you the most? Let us know your thoughts below.