Scarlett Johansson May Be Starring in Gamergate Movie

While it would have been nice for the Gamergate controversies to have died down by now, it appears they may be reignited. A movie is going to be made about the events around it and Zoë Quinn’s reaction to the abuse she received as a result.

Deadline revealed that Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures had won a bidding war for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself. A memoir by game designer Zoë Quinn, the film is sure to stoke up a lot of opinions around the subject yet again.

As people may know the so called “Gamergate” controversy was caused by an offensive blog post by Zoë Quinn’s ex-boyfriend which brought into focus the ethics of the gaming industry and websites which report and review games. This blog, as well as the rest of the abuse thrown at Quinn raised the issue of online abuse especially when aimed at women.

Deadline revealed that Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum are set to adapt the story for the big screen and there has been talk of Scarlett Johansson being interested in being in the movie. Quinn had this to say about the project:

“Gaming and internet message boards used to be niche interests, mostly for young men. In the past few years, however, they’ve gone mainstream. Millions of people — including women and other marginalized people — have taken an interest in the platforms, image boards, and discussion forums that once belonged by default to a much smaller population. Most gamers give zero fu*ks about this. Like the rest of us, they’re just here to play games. But a vocal minority are clinging onto the brand of Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew exclusionary identity ‘hardcore gamer,’ muttering ‘fu*kin casuals’ under their breath.”

While it is worrying that this could stoke up the whole issue of Gamergate once again, it is interesting as to how unbiased this film will be? We’ll have to see, but when the movie is released I’m sure we’ll get many reactions from both sides of the debate. Hopefully the movie won’t be as laughable as Law and Order’s attempt to handle the subject.

What are your thoughts on this movie? Will it be an unbiased examination of the events? Let us know your thoughts below.