PS4 Having a Hard Time Running Fallout 4 at 30FPS, Should We Expect the Same from Xbox One?

Fallout 4 is Bethesda’s biggest title since Skyrim and the hype alone makes it a must have title of the year. The game is less than 24 hours away from hitting shelves but as we reported a couple of days ago, it is available in some markets.

This means that many have already got their hands on Fallout 4. PlayStation 4 version is out in the hands of gamers and unfortunately they are reporting issues. According to reports, there are significant frame rate drops when you enter buildings or engage in firefights, cause explosions.

This is nothing new for this console generation, console games find it difficult to maintain 30FPS so when we see similar issues with Fallout 4, it isn’t really that disappointing anymore.

In my report (link above), I only mentioned the PlayStation 4 version breaking street date and said that the Xbox One version was on its way in a few hours, as I was told by the retailer. Since PS4 was having issues, I wondered if Xbox One will suffer the same faith, considering it is a little behind PS4 in terms of hardware made me worry that it will have even more problems.

After digging around the internet, I found a handful of reports saying that the Xbox One version has similar problems as PS4. I can’t yet confirm this as there isn’t much available for the time being. However, judging from how things have gone in the past, expect both console versions to be the same.

Bethesda is quick when it comes to responding to issues so we hope to see post-release patches to fix any and all problems.

Its been 2 years and still both consoles can’t even maintain 30FPS smoothly, is it the developer’s fault? Or the hardware isn’t as powerful as we thought? Where is the power of the cloud? Is it reserved for first party games? Many questions but no answer.