Paradox Employee Harassed and Stalked Online Over Refused Refund

As we know too well people are often passionate about gaming, and that isn’t a bad thing. When that passion turns nasty though and leads to harassment this shows the darker side of not just gaming, but society itself.

Reported today on Techraptor there has been a case of just such obsession against Paradox Interactive community manager John Rickne. It appears that after a person was not refunded for a copy of Cities Skyline on Steam a campaign of harassment was not only aimed at Rickne himself but his family.

The harassment against the community manager came in the form of attacks within Steam reviews, comments, and even contacting people at his mother’s workplace. The person apparently also made a Steam account so they could go on Counter Strike: Global Offensive to impersonate as Rickne and be offensive about him:

These attacks on the man himself, and contacting his mother at her workplace have led to Paradox releasing a statement on Reddit, which is quite long but the main point is:

“At Paradox Interactive we have zero tolerance towards threats, false allegations and harassment towards any of our employees. We are pursuing legal action in Sweden and USA in this matter against the individual/s behind this smearing campaign and plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. We have been gathering evidence in this issue over the past month since Moo received threats of this very scenario for the first time and will continue to do so until the person those behind it has been brought to justice.”

A similar post was also made onto Twitter but in a much shorter fashion. While this may not stop the person from still attempting to harass John Rickne, it makes Paradox Interactive’s opinion on the matter very clear. Hopefully the matter can be handled without any more issues for both Rickne and the company.

What are your thoughts on harassment like this? Let us know your opinion on the matter below.