Metal Gear Solid V Upcoming November Update Detailed

A pretty significant upgrade is headed towards Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain later this month as part of their almost monthly updates to add new features and content to Hideo Kojima’s latest game in the popular stealth franchise.

According to the Official website, the November update will feature a new PF rating screen, new Grade 8 gear which will continue developing even if players are away from the game, new Security Devices to use in FOBs as well as adding new function to support teams.

The Medical Team will now shorten the Reflex Mode time for FOB invaders and improving Stealth Mode to now have an effect in FOB infiltration missions.

A new FOB event was launched quite recently in the game; the event ends tomorrow but through its course it allowed players to accumulate an incredible amount of GMP as it rewarded players one million GMP by playing a single FOB Infiltration mission.

Players are also able to obtain good amounts of MB Coins if they manage to get enough Espionage Points before the end of the event.

No release date is known for the update yet but it should be arriving before the end of the month. Full details about the update and a look at some of the upcoming gear is available here.