Final Fantasy 15 Director Hajime Tabata Provides an Update on the Game

November is a busy month for game releases, but there will be plenty of gamers who look to 2016 for even bigger games. Final Fantasy 15 is one game coming, and today we learnt some new details from game director Hajime Tabata.

These updates came were posted on Twitter, and included the fact that Final Fantasy 15 will include Moogles:

As well as these Moogle updates, there were some details revealed about a pre-beta version and a hint that March will see some big reveals about the game:

So, while the Moogle details do reveal something we now know why there is a lack of other details about the game. With March being months away, I’m sure fans of the Final Fantasy series will hate to have to wait that long.

Are you looking forward to hearing more about Final Fantasy 15? Let us know your thoughts below.