Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Being Sold on Ebay For a Massive Price

The Pip-Boy Edition is the ultimate collectible version of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and a lot of diehard Fallout fans would everything to get their hands on one, no wonder the collector’s edition has had stock issues. As always, eBay sellers rush in to exploit/provide those fans who were unable to order one because of stock limitations, for a hefty premium of course.

While the physical version of the game is set to go on sale at midnight tonight, it’s not really a surprise that some people got their copies of the game earlier.

The Pip-Boy Edition, which is available in UK exclusively through GAME costs £99 but the eBay sellers, for being so considerate as to arrange a limited version of a game for true fans are charging as high as £400 while the average price seems to be £200.

GAME still hasn’t clarified whether some customers, who pre ordered their copy of Pip-Boy Edition long ago but were met with some payment issues due to the site’s payment system recently, would be getting their copy or not. If they won’t eBay seems to be the only alternative for now although extremely pricey, although there are a few relatively cheap listings as well.