Diablo 3 Getting A Massive New Patch To Add More Content

While no new expansion for Diablo 3 seems to be planned for the foreseeable future and neither did Blizzard make any indication to having such plans during the opening of BlizzCon 2015, game director Josh Mosqueria did reveal the upcoming patch 2.4 for the game.

Update 2.4 seems to be a pretty huge and significant update to Reaper of Souls that will add multiple new areas, a new zone, tons of new legendary items as well as a new type of rift to the game.

The new added areas will be the Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters, filled with loot for players to find and enemies to kill. A brand new zone, which basically is a larger version of areas, will be the Greyhollow Island set in Act V of the game.

The forested island will have seven new events, “adventure mode friendly story telling” and 16 new monsters including one named Bonebreaker.

Bounties will also be getting a massive update and a total of 175 new ones will be added in spread across various acts of the game.

Another new addition will be the Bounty Grounds which players can enter through red portals. These Bounty Grounds will host unique bounties not found in other locations.

Rift system is getting an overhaul too since after Update 2.4, players will be able to transform Greater Rifts into Empowered Rifts by spending a hefty sum of gold. This might seem too expensive but the reward will be totally worth it as they will net player a 4th bonus roll to upgrade legendary gems.

Finally, Seasons are getting tweaked. The most notable change is the new Rebirth feature, which allows players to transform a regular character into a Seasonal one, sending their gear in the mail to another non-Seasonal character.

There is no release date for Update 2.4 yet but it should be available on PTR in a week.

Source: PCGamesN