Hearthstone’s New Expansion League Of Explorers Unveiled

Last night at BlizzCon 2015, Blizzard unveiled a new expansion for its extremely popular card game, Hearthstone.

Unlike previous expansions, fans will not even have to wait long for this one since the expansion, titled League of Explorers, will be launching next week on November 12th.

League of Explorers will be a singleplayer journey which technically makes it an Adventure, the third Adventure to be released for the game, preceded by Blackrock Mountain and Curse of Naxxramas.

The adventure is designed to have 4 wings which include several boss encounters and escape matches that will require players to survive for a certain number of turns.

Unlike the previous two adventures that were named after raids in World of Warcraft, League of Explorers just seems to be a treasure hunting journey of four individuals. The adventure will also feature as always, a Heroic mode and 9 Class challenges.

Blizzard also revealed all the 45 cards, including some legendaries, that will make up the League of Explorers deck.

Also included in the update that launches League of Explorers will be 2 new game boards and card backs (which will have to be earned as rewards). A third card back was also revealed however that will only be available to those who purchase the Collector’s Edition of Overwatch, Blizzards upcoming shooter.

Each wing of League of Explorers will be priced $6.99 or 700 gold although players can also purchase the entire pack at once for $19.99. A new wing will be released each week starting from November 12th however there will be a week long gap in between for Thanksgiving holiday.

Full collection of the cards from League of Explorers can be seen here on Hearthstone’s Official Facebook page.