Fire Emblem Fates to be Released as Two Titles in North America

About a week ago, some discrepancy was noticed in Nintendo’s official list of their upcoming games which showed the next Fire Emblem game as a single title in Europe by the name of Fire Emblem Fates while two separate games, Conquest and Birthright in North America which caused quite a lot of concerns for eager fans.

The EU version of the game supposedly offers the player one entire package and they get to choose which path they want to take while North American players will have to separately purchase both parts at an increased cost, or atleast that’s what the listings on various stores such Target would have you believe.

When the game was released in Japan, it was similar to the US one with both Conquest and Birthright as separate retail releases so it is possible that the company might be doing the same for the US release but this raises the issue of why the European players end up getting the extremely cheap, £34.99 which is the standard for any single 3DS game while Americans might have to end up paying twice the amount.

However, since no actual price has been announced for the American version of the game, it is possible the pricing will be done in such a way that the total cost of both Conquest and Birthright ends up being the same as the single package cost in Europe.

Fire Emblem Fates is expected to launch in 2016 for the West although there is no specific release window yet.

Source: Nintendolife