Dev Explains How Scalebound Differs From Other Games

In a recent Extra Life livestream by Crackdown, upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound’s Creative Director Hideki Kamiya, Executive Producer Atsushi Inaba and Creative Producer Jean-Pierre Kellams talked some more about the game as well as the company behind it, Platinum Games and how this new title differs from their previous works such as Bayonetta.

According to them, the original idea of Scalebound was different and it was Kimiya’s love for dinosaurs and dragons that had Platinum work on a prototype for another game with dinosaurs which was cancelled and then later restarted and dinosaurs replaced with dragons to make Scalebound.

Kellams also shared another interesting bit of information about the game regarding the interaction between the player and their dragon. According to him, both can go their separate ways and do their own stuff, occasionally meeting each other during battles.

On the topic of the name for the game, they said it was a mixture of reasons, including the grand scale of the game, dragons having scales and Drew’s journey, that resulted in this name.

The game supposedly differs from Bayonetta in such a way that in Bayonetta, how good a player is depends all on their timing and key presses while in Bayonetta it’s about studying the battle and the ability to perform cool combos with the dragon in different situations and twitch response doesn’t matter a lot.

For those people who were angry at Platinum for ripping off Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise, Kamiya admitted to having never played Monster Hunter which means that if there are any similarities between both games they are purely coincidental.

Source: Dualshockers