Itagaki Officially Announces Devil’s Third Online for PC

Finally the wishes of those Devil’s Third fans are coming true who have always wanted Valhalla Game Studios to bring the game to PC. Devil’s Third Online has been officially announced folks!

Nexon and Valhalla Game Studios, the studio of Tomonobu Itagaki, have made a joint announcement in Japan where they have confirmed that the Wii U title is being developed for PCs.

According to the initial reports, Devil’s Third Online is going to be a stripped down port of the console title which will focus entirely on the multiplayer mode of Devil’s Third.

However, the developers have not shared more details about the game whether it is the features or the release plans and schedule. For that, it has been confirmed that the fans should wait for a soon to be held NicoNico stream.

During the stream developers will be revealing more specific information about the upcoming title. The livestream is going to be held on November 12.

Not only that, it is expected that Valhalla Game Studios might reveal another title during the livestream too.

As far as the western audience is concerned, even the Wii U version of the game is one month away from the release with suggests that release of Devil’s Third Online in the US and other western territories is going to take some time.