Halo 5: Guardian’s Radar System Appears to be Annoying Players

With first person shooting games like Halo 5: Guardians the radar, or mini-map can be an important tool to know where your enemies are attacking from. The radar system in the latest Halo game doesn’t appear to be impressing players though.

Looking at Reddit user MikeGista raised a point about the radar not being up to its job, and soon got a lot of other users agreeing. oB_Quiet for example went into more detail on the issue:

“It’s nigh useless compared to the original radars. I often find the extra mobility of this game allows players to be within melee distance before my radar see’s em. If i babysit my radar 24/7 I’ll catch them but then I focus on the tiny radar in the corner more than my screen.

In all the precious games I’d glance between my teammates positions, use my own eyes and then look at my radar to get a pretty good idea most of the time where my enemy was. I’ve gone from a solid 1.6-1.8 K/D ration consistently in all the other halo games but now Im at around 0.8 at best in this Halo 5.

I find the lack of radar range, with tiny maps is causing me to get killed from behind SO much.”

These problems seem to an issue that many are having with the problem seeming to be the range that it now works on. This may be an issue where balancing could fix it, if the developers are willing to see it as being enough of an issue that is.

Are you having radar problems with Halo 5: Guardians? How do you think they could fix them? Let us know your thoughts below.