Fallout 4 on the PC Will Look Better than on Consoles

With the release of Fallout 4 being close a lot of questions are being asked. Some users are worried that the game won’t live up to expectations, and the best way to relieve these issues is to go to Bethesda to get the answers.

The problem appears to be based on a misunderstanding on Twitter. When asked if there would be a difference between the PC version and the consoles, Bethesda’s Pete Hines replied simply with no, as you can see in the screenshot below.


This was slightly worrying to PC players, with the ability to use more powerful hardware and to push to higher resolutions, why would this version be the same as consoles? Thankfully when asked to clarify the answer to the question, the response quickly took away any worries:

So there you have it, as expected because the PC has more flexible hardware choices and in some cases are more powerful then the game will look better than on the consoles. This will be dependent on the specification of the PC of course, and how well it can handle the game.

While social media is of course a good place to find answers for your Fallout 4 questions, be very cautious at the moment. With plenty of people willing to spoil the game “trolling” is high at the moment. This is especially the case in the Steam forums, and when these are details about the end of the game, this is very unfair. So be warned, the spoilers are out there.

Do you always expect the PC version of the games to be better than the console? Let us know your views on this below.