League of Legends Dynamic Queues Issue Gets Reply from Game Designer

Jeffrey Lin aka RiotLyte has been pretty active over ask.fm where he spends a considerable time providing users comprehensive answers to all their queries. The recent controversy regarding League of Legends’ Dynamic Queues also came up over there.

In his reply, the lead game designer started by saying that fans should know the design team of League of Legends itself is an advocate of solo play and added that playing with more friends has been proven by analytics to uplift the game experience and help remove toxicity.

For Riot, League is a competitive team sport. Playing with friends allows you to try more strategies, and the more organized play there is, the more competitive the entire ecosystem becomes. By playing with friends, it becomes much easier to organize a rotation strategy, a knock-up comp, or double jungler invade strategy.

He went on to say that “we had to make a super risky, super difficult choice.” Referring to the developers as “a team with a bunch of solo purists,” he added that they had to “try to make Dynamic Queue a great experience,” for which a number of things were added.

In the end, Lin concluded by saying that matchmaking system has been improved to match the changes alongside improvements to the ban and report system.

However, from the looks of it we think League of Legends developers are going to go ahead with this despite the negative remarks that it has got from a number of fans.