Have Some New Legendary Characters Entered Fallout Shelter?

While people are looking over the Fallout 4 launch trailer and looking for hints about what to expect in the game it looks like some legendary characters may have made their way into Fallout Shelter. While their names haven’t been revealed yet, could they be some of the new characters that we saw in the trailer?

The legendary characters update was noticed by Reddit users who still have the game on their phones, posting an image showing the message they’ve got. While some wondered if this was a message about Piper, who we already knew about some are thinking that other Fallout 4 characters may have been added to the game.


These new players, if they had been added would make sense and they could be a Brotherhood Elder, Railroad Leader, or Hancock the Ghoul. With their presence in the trailer this would be perfect marketing for Fallout 4 and the last few days of build up to its release.

A question this news does raise is how many people are actually still play Fallout Shelter? Obviously people still have it installed, but it would be interesting to know from Bethesda some facts and figures about the game, especially on the run up to the big release.

Obviously people will be using games to kill time until they finally get to play Fallout 4, and many are revisiting the past Fallout games. Whether Fallout Shelter has gained the same fans as the other games is something that is up for debate. Just looking at the Reddit page shows many have tired of it already.

Do you still play Fallout Shelter? Have you seen any hints as to what legendary characters may have been added? Let us know your thoughts below.