Crackdown’s Website Has Been Updated, Select your Agent Number Now

For those looking forward to the release of Crackdown in 2016 the website for the game has updated with some interesting extras. One of them being the ability to collect your Agent Number.

Collecting the number is done by simply going to the Crackdown website logging onto your Xbox Live account and connecting it to the website. You’ll then be given an agent number, I for example was given Agent Number 1025. While this isn’t an exciting number, it’s interesting to look on community sites like Reddit to see the fun people are having with it.

While the novelty of becoming an “Agent” will soon wear off, it is still nice to see the Crackdown website update. With the game highly anticipated as one of the biggest Xbox One exclusives expectation is high. Especially with the multiplayer mode with its high level of destruction through the use of the “Cloud”.

Other than the website update there isn’t much to see with Crackdown since the update we saw at E3 where we were given demonstrations of the destructiveness of the Crackdown environments. While it was disappointing that this same level of destruction won’t be a part of the single-player campaign this has done little to disappoint people eager to finally get a new Crackdown game.

Whether it will be in the multiplayer mode with the destruction, or single player and the obsessive collecting of orbs Crackdown could be one of the big games for next year. We’ll just have to hope that it lives up to expectations.

Are you looking forward to Crackdown? Have you picked up your Agent number on the site yet? Let us know your thoughts below .