Bioware Reveal Why The Protagonist in Mass Effect: Andromeda is Limted to Being Human

Social media allows gamers closer interaction with the makers of their favourite games, allowing them to ask questions they may never have been able to ask before. Today an interesting one was asked about Mass Effect Andromeda.

With “N7” Day coming soon plenty of people have Mass Effect on their minds. On Twitter user asked Aaryn Flynn, the General Manager of Bioware’s Edmonton and Montreal Studios a question about the latest game from the series, which you can see below.

This is actually an interesting issue, especially with Mass Effect: Andromeda being a new start for the series. While it may seem common sense that the player will relate to a human character more than an alien, would it be more interesting to make the character a little different this time?

While it makes no difference what we think, as Bioware have already made the decision it is still interesting to think how being from another planet would change the game. With a little back story added for us to allow the character, my thought is that it wouldn’t change them the way we relate to them much at all. In many roleplaying games we play characters from many races and they all have their own unique traits and advantages.

My thought is, that Mass Effect could be much more interesting if we played a non-human character instead. It would bring something new to the game and liven things up even more. As this appears to have been ruled out, I’m sure we can still make our human character just as interesting in our own way.

What are your thoughts on being a human in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Would a change freshen things up a bit? Let us know your thoughts below.