Alan Wake 2 has been Confirmed by Remedy Entertainment!

We did not lose hope, and neither did all the fans of the original Alan Wake game, which is probably the reason why we can all but confirm now that Alan Wake 2 is coming!

Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy Entertainment took part in a rather unconventional interview of sorts with GameInformer and answered exactly 100 questions about a number of things. You can watch it here, but we won’t make you toil for the news you are looking for.

As far as the confirmation is concerned, the interviewer asked Sam Lake pretty early in the video “will we ever get to play Alan Wake 2?” and the answer was a very confident “yes.”

Sadly that is all he said because the interview in question was more of a rapid fire Q&A session; had it been a conventional interview, we might have been able to siphon out more from him.

That being said, it was expected that Alan Wake 2 will eventually get developed because only a couple of months ago, in August, we had reported that Remedy Entertainment has not lost hope for it.

However, even then Sam Lake had said that we will see more of Wake “at some point” in the future, without giving us a more precise time span. Same is the case now; which is why we will have to wait for the developers to actually start opening up about their plans regarding Alan Wake 2 before a date can be put on it.