Star Fox Zero Now Has a Teaser Site of Its Own

We know a lot about Star Fox Zero already, but Nintendo has now decided that the game deserves a separate website of its own, and for good reason.

The Wii U exclusive title is bringing back one of the most iconic franchises of Nintendo – while some might say it could have been a better reintroduction.

Anyhow, the teaser site in question can be found here, but as of now it doesn’t say much about Star Fox Zero. There is a very good background story though, here’s an excerpt:

An evil empire has risen and the Lylat system is in danger. As legendary space pilot Fox McCloud, blast through an onslaught of enemy forces to bring peace to the galaxy. In this white-knuckle space shooter, it’ll take more than luck to master the Arwing jet, the Gyrowing flight drone, and the Landmaster tank! You have what it takes. Now prove it.

Other than that, Nintendo has listed the main features they wish to boast of, and a promise that the full website is coming soon. Here are the features they have mentioned:

  • Take down an intergalactic onslaught of enemy forces.
  • Pilot a variety of vehicles in the air and on the ground.
  • Hone your skills as the legendary pilot, Fox McCloud.
  • See your surroundings on your TV, and get a different view on the GamePad by tilting it to aim.

Hit back later for more updates on Star Fox Zero.