Ready at Dawn Working on Multiple Games, Studio Offers Jobs to Sacked Konami LA Employees

Ready at Dawn released The Order 1886 earlier this year for PlayStation 4. The game received mixed reactions but overall it was a game that deserved a sequel. Nothing is official about the sequel but it is possible that the game is already under development.

Ready at Dawn says that it is working on multiple games and we can assume that one of them is The Order 1886 sequel. Andrea Pessino, Founder and Chief Technology Officer said on Twitter:

Exciting news.

You may have heard by now that Konami has shut down Konami LA, studio previously known as Kojima Productions LA and was responsible for Metal Gear Online. In a different post on Twitter, Andrea Pessino says that sacked employees from Konami LA should apply for jobs at Ready at Dawn, they are hiring before Christmas.

Be it Ready at Dawn or any other studio, we hope those employees find jobs soon.