Nexon And Valhalla Game Studios Partner Up For A Mysterious New Game

Valhalla Game Studios, the developers behind the pretty mediocre Wii U hack and slash (there is a PC version in development too) Devil’s Third, seem to be partnering up with Nexon to create a new game.

What exactly this new game is about will be revealed on NicoNico Live on 11th November but given Nexon’s portfolio, it could very well involve an online component if it’s a singleplayer game or could actually be a MMO set in the Devil’s Third universe since that is Valhalla’s only game so far.

Nexon, a Korean publisher and developer, is known for its MMOs such as Vindictus and online shooters like Dirty Bomb. One thing common in a lot of Nexon published/developed games are their notorious region locks. Let’s hope that doesn’t affect this upcoming game.

The company also recently announced a partnership with Respawn Entertainment to create mobile games based on the Titanfall IP.