New Images from Attack on Titan Include Playable Characters

Any fan of the Attack on Titan anime can’t help but be excited at the prospect of the PlayStation 4 game that is in development. Today we’ve got a whole gallery of images from the game that will more than likely add to the excitement.

Released in the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu the images give a good feeling of how the game will look. This includes the creepy giant creatures that have a taste for human flesh. Here is the gallery of images below.

As you can see they feature some of the characters that you’ll recognise from the anime. These include Krista Lenz, Ymir, Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, and Annie Leonhardt. The magazine also revealed that a limited edition of the game will be released which will include digital costumes for in the game, badges, the soundtrack and a booklet showing off some of the art work from the game.

It will be interesting to see more images from the game, as well as some gameplay footage. One thing I would like to see Eren Yeager transformed into a Titan, and if we’ll get to have control of that. The destructive force that will be provided by being in that form should be fun.

In these images there are teasers of what will be coming in the game. Some appear to be shots from tutorial levels, where we’ll be taught how to fight the Titans, and how to manoeuvre through the air. With the unique way the characters do this, it will obviously be an important part of the game. Omega Force as the developers will obviously have to get this right.

Are you looking forward to Attack on Titan when it debuts in the west next year? Let us know your thoughts below.