New Cemu Footage of Mario Kart 8 Running on the Emulator

In the gaming community, emulators are often used to allow people to play retro games. On the cutting edge of emulator development though, new consoles like the Wii U are being emulated, though development on this is still in the early stage.

One of these emulators in development is Cemu which can be found here. Be aware though as this is an external site, we can’t guarantee the security of anything you decide to download from there. The site provides all the information you need to know about the emulator.

In the video above we get a taste of how the development of the emulator is coming. As you can see the video shows Mario Kart 8 and features time trial replays. The footage is also sped up, which it states. This allows the game to appear to be running at a decent speed. The fact that in reality it is running slow is not a bad sign though.

As with any emulator that is in development the person coding it has to work on each element of emulation. This includes generating the graphics for the game, creating controls for it and other puzzles such as how to get the sound to work. As you’ll notice there is no sound, so this is another element not working yet.

Looking at the Cemu site you can see the changelog for the emulator which reveals what progress is being made. As the site itself notes though, this version of the emulator is not at a level to play games just yet. The important part is getting the emulator running at a good enough standard, then concentrating on making the games playable. It’s still interesting though to see what progress is being made.

Are you impressed by the Cemu emulator? Let us know your thoughts below.