NBA 2K16 Roster Update Available, Here Are the Details

2K has released a new roster update for NBA 2K16 and we have the details for you right here. Update is related to Fallers, Risers. Adjustments have been made to many players in the game.

Below is an image showing the details you need to know about the latest update:

NBA 2K16 Roster Update

NBA 2K16 is one of the best selling games of the year and it is completely blowing up the competition, NBA Live 16. Both games were released at the same time but NBA Live 16 has turned out to be a major disappointment for EA Sports, the creator of the highly popular FIFA 16. I wonder what happens if 2K starts making soccer games.

NBA Live’s poor performance this in recent years suggest that EA needs to rethink its NBA brand, or completely shut it down. In all honesty, NBA Live isn’t a bad franchise but when you compare it to rival NBA 2K, EA’s game doesn’t have much to offer and lacks in many ways.

Do you think NBA Live should be put on ice for a few years? May be EA needs more time to work on it and rebuild it from the ground up?