Here’s How League of Legends 2016 Season is Different

Riot Games is boasting that the League of Legends 2016 Season is going to be much more developed this time. Here are some of the reasons they have given.

With the new champ select feature, the League of Legends 2016 Season lets you go in with full strength. In the new system “each player chooses two positions (or fill!) before queueing up to find a team. A new feature, ‘pick intent,’ helps everyone understand the champ you want to play and the contribution you want to make to your team’s comp.”

Riot Games is also offering ranked improvements; with the dynamic group system replacing the solo/duo queue, “you’ll be able to climb the ladder with any number of teammates, going from single participation all the way to a full team comp,” which emphasizes more on flexibility.

In lieu of champion mastery and crafting benefits, a new system called “Hextech Crafting” has been introduced which is going to let you “pick up randomized loot at large discounts,” and “allow players to earn their way toward champions or skins for their in-game accomplishments.”

There also are Mastery Chests, Keys and Key Fragments.

Not only that, the League of Legends 2016 Season is going to go big on friendships with more options to let you stay connected with friends like Clubs, Parties and the League Friends App.

There is a lot more about the 2016 Season that you would want to know, so keep checking back for more.