Fallout 4 vs. Fallout 3 Screenshot Comparison, Do Graphics Matter?

With the leaks from Fallout 4 one of the biggest issues fans seem to be having is the graphics quality. Some aren’t happy because it doesn’t look good enough, while other don’t seem to care.

To gauge opinion you just have to look at communities like the Steam discussion about the game where people are continually debating the quality. Looking at some comparison images though, are the Fallout 4 graphics that bad when compared to Fallout 3?

In some images sourced from AllGamesBeta we see Fallout 3 screen grabs, and then their Fallout 4 equivalent (or similar) and what they reveal is a world of much more detail. Another interesting addition is also much better weather.

What will be interesting is when we get to play with the game on PC and the modding community get their hands on it. If mods are created similar to the ones used on Skyrim it won’t be long until the quality is boosted and we’ll see just how beautiful the wasteland can be. Maybe then the people who crave a better looking game will get what they want, on the PC at least.

The question the recent leaked images also raise for the game is does it need to look graphically impressive to be good? While it is understandable that people want a “next gen” Fallout 4 and want to be impressed by it, it may not be the graphics themselves that are impressive but the game itself.

With the game being release less than a week away now people will finally get to play the game and make their own minds up, whether it’s based on the look of the game or what the world of Fallout 4 lets you do.

What are you looking for in Fallout 4? Has the graphics shown in the leaked images worried you? Let us know your thoughts below.