Fallout 4 Map Size, Legendary Items and More Leaked

A host of information regarding Fallout 4 has leaked in the recent days. However, some of the most important things that have surfaced online include the much demanded map size and some Legendary Items.

There are going to be more, but so far one Laser Rifle called Righteous Authority and a 10mm Pistol have been shared. Here are the detailed statistics of both the weapons including damage, fire rate, range and accuracy:

  • Righteous Authority: Damage 27, Fire Rate 56, Range 203, Accuracy 72
  • 10mm Pistol: Damage 17, Fire Rate 46, Range 83, Accuracy 48

More importantly, the map of Fallout 4 was expected to be the size of Elder Scrolls Skyrim previously, but now leaks have suggested that it is actually smaller in size although these are just speculations that the original image of the map might be able to refute.

However, it is still pretty impressive, featuring Boston, Cambridge, West Cambridge, Deep in to Southend, Logan Airport and East Boston. Check out the first map image below.

Fallout 4 Map

Graphical settings and options for Fallout 4 were also leaked; according to the information, the game is going to let you set textures, shadows, shadows distance, decals, lighting, godrays, depth of field, view distance options and ambient occlusion quality.

The game releases in a couple of days on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.