Build Your Fallout 4 Character Build Early with Fan Made Tool

Time seems to be moving slowly as we head towards the release of Fallout 4. With the constant leaked footage, screenshots and tie-ins threatening to drown us at this point, there is one Fallout 4 themed site that offers something at least interesting.

As Fallout fans will know, one of the first things you have to do in the game is create your character and select his/her stats and perks that will help them survive life outside of the Vault. RPG Gaming have set up a Fallout 4 Build Planner that will allow you to build your character early. It should be noted that this little web based app is based on recent leaks from the game, so obviously contains spoilers.

As you can see from the selected screen grabs from the planner there is plenty of options to mess around with for your character and will kill some time until Fallout 4 is finally released. It should be noted though that these attributes can’t be uploaded to the game itself, so this fan made app just works as a tease as to what is to come.

What the Character Build Planner allows you to do though is to think about what statistics you want to set your character up with and what perks you want to give them. As any Vault Dweller who has ventured out into the wastelands knows, it’s important to get these right if you are going to survive out there.

Have you played around with the Fallout 4 Build Planner? Did it give you any thoughts on how to set up your character? Let us know below.