Studio Behind Metal Gear Online Shuts Down: Report

Over the past year or so Konami has went through major changes and it is still in transition mode. One of the company’s focus is mobile platforms and the other is Pachinko Machines.

Konami axed Silent Hills, said goodbye to Kojima (which it doesn’t admit to this day), cut content from Metal Gear Solid V and now it looks like Konami has shut down Kojima Productions LA, the studio behind Metal Gear Online.

Konami is yet to officially confirm this but reports are starting to come in. According to a Tweet from Duke Nukem Co-Creator:

In a different Tweet Sony Computer Entertainment of American producer Sam Thompson said:

What will become of Konami after the dust settles? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, we can just spectate and witness the chaos. Hopefully, those sacked employees will find better jobs or be moved to a different Konami studio.