Some Xenoblade Chronicles X Revealing Outfits Censored in EU, US

We are pretty close to the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X in the PAL and North American regions. Being one of the most anticipated action roleplaying title for the Wii U, it is definitely something a number of us have high hopes for.

Given that it is a JRPG, there are a number of factors that everyone is expecting. One of them are those hot outfits that the game’s female characters wear, but sadly, it looks like some of that stuff is going to be censored in the western release.

According to a Twitter user who got hold of the US version of EU version of Xenoblade Chronicles X, some of the more revealing outfits are not going to make the cut.

The guy shared two images featuring two variations of costumes for the character Lin. In booth the cases, the Japanese version has a more steamy outfit but the EU version covers all the bases.

Since the game’s EU version is censoring those outfits, it is expected that the US version is going to be no different. However, we will need further confirmation as to which outfits are going to be censored like this.

Xenoblade Chronicles X us slated for a release in the western region on December 4.Xenoblade Chronicles X