Quantum Break is the Game Informer Cover for December

While this month is all about the big releases to end the year, we can’t forget the ones coming in 2016. One of these are Quantum Break and it looks like in December we’ll be seeing plenty of details about the game.

Game Informer are well known for getting the scoops on games, and feature them on the front cover. It looks like the game they will be focusing on in December is Quantum Break below you can see the cover, which is looking stylish.


Whether we’ll be given any details that further our interest is questionable, but I’m sure there will be plenty of new stuff, hopefully this will include how the show will work with the game. To be fair to the game, the footage that has been shown does promise some interesting things.

“In the latest issue of Game Informer, we travel to Espoo, Finland and get the full scoop on Quantum Break’s lengthy development process. We break down exactly how the game and its show will work together to tell a larger narrative. The Quantum Break show will feature four episodes, but players’ actions during the game will change events in the show leading to wildly different events in each episode. Remedy also put a controller in our hands, so we have the world’s first hands-on impressions with the game.”

Just how the players actions in the game can change events in the show is interesting? Though if these are events that are scripted and have to happen, then there aren’t really any interactive changes made. It still sounds interesting, though in situations like this it can be better for the game not to be restricted by having the show connected to it.

Are you looking forward to Quantum Break? Do you think the show is needed or would you rather this element didn’t get in the way of the fun? Let us know your thoughts below.