Overwatch Trademark Lawsuit is Over, Blizzard and Innovis Settle

Innovis Labs and Blizzard have reached a settlement in the OverWatch infringement lawsuit. Both companies have come to an understanding and something tells me Blizzard had to lighten its heavy pockets a bit.

Back in September 2013, Innovis filed for a trademark for OverWatch, a paintball related mobile app for smartphones. 7 months later, Blizzard came in with their free to play shooter called Overwatch and filed for a trademark as well.

United States Patent and Trademark Office suspended Blizzard’s application for trademark. Both companies reached an understanding in March but problems arose once again in May. Innovis sued Blizzard for copyright infringement and things got much more complicated.

Innovis claimed that the agreement both companies came up with didn’t help matters. It still caused confusion and misled potential customers.

Like I mentioned, it is very much possible that Blizzard paid a significant sum of money to Innovis for Overwatch trademark, now that matters are officially settled between the two.

Overwatch is now Blizzard’s and it can use it for its free to play game without any knives hanging over its head.