League of Legends Harrowing Skins Incoming; Snowdown Discussed

Some of you might say that it was not a good idea to separate Halloween and Harrowing in League of Legends, but it is also a fact that this means there could be an additional set of event circling Harrowing specifically in the future.

But that is not what we are here to discuss. Riot Games has shared some details about the Harrowing skins, confirming that you will get them later this week. They come alongside Zombie, Slayer skins:

We’re releasing Legacy skins from past Harrowing events later this week. Zombie / Slayer skins are also rolling out soon, so get those chainsaws ready. We wanted to get you in the mood with a dark and terrifying tale of the unliving, “Shadow and Fortune: A Harrowing Story,” as well as updated biographies for some of our Shadow Isles champions.

Not only that, League of Legends developers have also hinted at little things you can expect from Snowdown. Without letting out too much, Riot has teased that you can expect “a little different” bag of goodies this time.

However, Riot Games appears to be in the process of finalizing things for the event which is why they are asking you to wait for more solid information on Snowdown.

Keep checking back for more news related to League of Legends and related events.