GTA 5 Graphics Dissected, All the Technical Details

We all love GTA 5 for a long list of reasons, even after two years since the game’s release, there are tons of fans playing it daily and the fun just doesn’t stop.

Among so many things that make it worth it, the game’s graphics are one. If you are really a technology nerd who wants to know how the game pulls it off, here is an in-depth analysis of all the technical details of the game’s graphics.

The graphical dissection of GTA 5 has been one on the PC version of the game, but the findings will be applicable to the next gen versions at least to some extent.

At the link provided above you will be able to find out how the game manages to look so good through three areas i.e. dissection of frames, Level of Detail and Reflections, and finally Post Processing Effects.

On a lighter note, the GTA 5 modding community is flourishing ever since mods were revealed, and the latest that we have for you on that front is a mod that brings back the disarming feature.

This is where you can shoot the weapon in the NPCs hand and get hold of it without having to kill the NPC. Check it out here.