Final Fantasy XV Looks Rad in these Screenshots, Concept Art

We know that Final Fantasy XV is going to make you wait for a good long time before you can prowl the world in abundance, but what’s stopping us to get a look at some new screenshots or concept art for the game that would help us figure out what it is looking like now?

On that note, a couple of new images have come out of Square Enix featuring our main characters riding Chocobos, a concept art showing off what Catoblepas is going to look like in the game, a similar concept art for Mesmerize and a few others from Final Fantasy XV.

Catoblepas is a kind of Behemoth, an enemy that resembles buffaloes. It has been a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series and in Final Fantasy V it was also featured as an optional boss.

As far as Mesmerize is concerned, it is a creature that is similar to equines from Final Fantasy VIII – not to be confused with the ability.

As far as Chocobos are concerned, they don’t need any introduction apart from the good news that you are going to be able to ride them as shown in one of the screenshots.

Final Fantasy XV is slated for a release in 2016.