Destiny Player Base Touched 25M; Up by 5M After The Taken King

You should be proud of your Destiny community if you are still playing; this is because you guys are breaking records all around! Bungie has announced that the total player base of the game has hiked up to 25 million!

Bungie credits The Taken King with the big leap that the game has made in terms of player base; and that is true because only three months ago the game had 20 million registered players.

Even more so, in February this year, the total number of registered players for the game was 16 million. So even if they have not doubled it in a year, they have certainly come close.

Day-one downloads broke PlayStation records, day-one engagement saw the highest number of active players in Destiny’s history, daily player engagement is now well above 3 hours per day and the Destiny community has climbed to over 25 million registered players. Since its launch, Destiny has become the most watched console game on Twitch.

So there you are, it is not just the massive player base; the game is topping Twitch too!

With so many players and so much to do, the game doesn’t have conventional matchmaking; if that is a concern of yours, the developers have decided to tackle the issue head on and explained why the game is better off without it. Read more here.